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Pre-Award Requirements

There are five grantee pre-award requirements:

1.  Authentication

2.  Grantee Registration

3.  Grantee Pre-qualification

4.  Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment (ICQ)

5.  Programmatic Risk Assessment

These grantee pre-award requirements are mandated by Federal Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA).  Grantees must complete these requirements prior to receiving a grant award from the State of Illinois. 
Please refer to the Training tab for reference materials. Questions regarding the grantee pre-award requirements should be directed to your state awarding agency. 

1. Authentication

The Grantee Portal utilizes the Authentication Portal. A personal or business email address is required to establish an account. Authentication verifies the relationship between an individual and the organization they represent. Authentication is performed once for each individual associated with a registration. To obtain an account click the “Create a new account” link below the “Sign in” button. For help with the Authentication Portal please click the 'Can't access your account' link below the sign in button.

2. Grantee Registration

All grantees must be registered with the State of Illinois. Grantee Registration is completed by browsing to and associating your account with your organization. New accounts must enter the organization’s information on the Registration screen.  Existing accounts must click the “Edit” button next to the organization name on the Main Menu.

3. Grantee Pre-qualification

All entities must be qualified to do business with the State of Illinois.  To be qualified for a grant award, an entity must:

  •   Be registered in the system and have a valid UEI number assigned;
  •   Have a current account;
  •   Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List;
  •   Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, as applicable;
  •   Not be on the Illinois Stop Payment list;
  •   Not on the Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services Provider Sanctions list.

Pre-qualification status will be verified after Grantee Registration is registered and nightly thereafter.  If an entity has a pre-qualification issue, the specific issue and remediation support is provided thru the grantee portal.  Entities on the Federal Excluded Parties List are not eligible to do business with the State of Illinois.

4. Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment (ICQ)

Entities must complete an Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) as the Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment.  The ICQ is completed once, annually.  All state agencies will utilize the results of the ICQ.  The entity can access the ICQ from the grantee portal.

5. Programmatic Risk Assessment

A Programmatic Risk Assessment is completed by the awarding agency based on the program and entity information. Programmatic risk assessment inform specific conditions in the grant agreement as necessary.