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  • Effective December 5, 2023, all State of Illinois indirect cost rate negotiations will be completed in the vendor’s new negotiation system, CRMP. Grantee’s will still access and make their annual indirect cost rate election via the Indirect Cost Rate Election System (ICRES), housed in the Grantee Portal. To view the CRMP User Manual, click here.  
  • GOMB/GATU in partnership with the University of Illinois Springfield, is pleased to offer comprehensive training courses for grantees, potential grantees and state agency personnel.  Find instructions on accessing the training and more here.
  • The federal Office of Management and Budget has filed proposed revisions to the federal Uniform Guidance. 
  •  GATU/GOMB has issued a memorandum which provides short-term relief for GATA audit requirements, as set forth by 44 Illinois Administrative Code 7000.90, for grant recipients/subrecipients affected by the recent staffing shortage within audit firms.
  • Per M-21-20, entities can apply for funding without an active registration. However, a state agency cannot award a grant to an entity without an active account. 

Grant Accountability and Transparency Act

The Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), 30 ILCS 708/1 et seq., is landmark legislation that will increase accountability and transparency in the use of grant funds while reducing the administrative burden on both State agencies and grantees through adoption of the federal grant guidance and regulations codified at 2 CFR Part 200 (Uniform Requirements). Pursuant to the Act, the Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU) has been established in the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. GATU is charged with implementation of the Act in coordination with State grant-making agencies and grantees. The following links provide a direct connection to:

Illinois Compiled Statutes that established GATA

Illinois Administrative Rules for GATA

Uniform Requirements in 2 CFR 200 in 2 CFR 200

Please see our annual report for more information:

Audit Report Review Management System (ARRMS)

The GATA Audit Requirements are based on the federal audit requirements codified at 2 CFR Part 200 (Uniform Requirements). 

Please go to the Audit page also linked in the top menu bar for resources regarding the GATA audit requirements and the centralized system for the audit report review - Audit Report Review Management System (ARRMS).

Catalog of State Financial Assistance

The CSFA is required to provide a single, authoritative, statewide, comprehensive source of financial assistance program information. State agencies have populated the CSFA with federal, federal pass-through and state awards received. The CSFA also records grantee awards under each CSFA number. 

The public can search the CSFA for agencies with active grant programs, currently funded grants, current funding opportunities, and registered grantees. You can access the public-facing CSFA with this CSFA link or by using the CSFA tab in the menu above.

Centralized Indirect Cost Rate System (ICRS)

The Governor's Office of Management and Budget has centralized the indirect cost rate election process. The Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit received permission from the Federal Government to centralize the negotiation of the indirect cost rate to allow a grantee/subrecipient to negotiate one rate with the State of Illinois.

The Centralized Indirect Cost Rate System webpage can be found under the Grantee Links tab. The highlighted link will direct you to the webpage.


Grantees access GATA systems after registration through the Grantee Portal.

The State of Illinois is implementing a new statewide lifecycle grant management system building on the GATA frameworks. The system is accessed through the Grantee Portal.

Please use the Grantee Links tab to find supports and frequently asked questions. Refer to the Training tab for general training and resources. 

The Catalog of State Financial Assistance contains information on state grants. You can subscribe to a weekly email distribution with Notice of Funding Opportunities by sending a blank (Subject and Body) email to .

Grantees may contact the GATA unit (GATU) or their state granting agency with questions regarding registration.

Grant Management System

The Grant Management System is a comprehensive system for grant management used by both State Agencies and Grantees. Once fully implemented, entities will apply for grants through the GMS.  State agencies will administer grants and grant awards through GMS as well.